My Very Own Garnish

Pork & Bacon Country Terrine with Balsamic Poached Pears

Pork & Bacon Country Terrine with Balsamic Poached Pears

Just a quick update today — Monday we introduced the new special terrine: Gloucester spot pork pate with balsamic poached pears. The pears were my idea for the garnish and they look GREAT! We poached them in wedges, so when we slice into the pears, each slice has a lovely gradient from dark to light. I was so excited that one of my ideas has been added to the menu! I feel honored.

Sous Chef J asked me how my terrine turned out and I said it looks good. His reply was that tasting good is more important than looking good, so I plated up a small serving, cut it into eight portions, and shared it with the guys. The pears are just the right amount of tart, almost like a pickle, which works really well with the rich and fatty pork pate. YAY! I got a lot of positive feedback, so that was great.

Chef wasn’t in a great mood during service today though; I think he yelled at each and every one of us at some point or other. I got mine toward the end of the night which sucks because that means I went home in a bad mood :( Luckily we all got out early since Chef made the executive decision to switch to Late Night at 9:45pm (instead of 10) so the extra time with Honey Bunny helped a lot. All a part of Kitchen Life, I suppose.

Today will be a better day!


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