Week 12: Exhausted but Happy

Pate de Campagne (pork & bacon country terrine)

Pate de Campagne (pork & bacon country terrine)

This particular week felt more tiring than usual — I made a new terrine from scratch (from breaking down the pork butt to dicing and slicing the bacon to assembling and baking the monstrosity of a loaf to planning my own garnish) in addition to a new batch of chicken liver mousse each day (it’s our best seller!) and a smoked salmon terrine – the least difficult but most time-consuming of them all.

I like having Sundays and Mondays off (two days in a row is a luxury in this industry) but the trade-off is that I work five consecutive days with increasingly busy dinner service as the week progresses. After Friday night wiped out my mise en place, I found myself scrambling on Saturday to get everything done. It wasn’t until halfway through happy hour that I was finally caught up. I was down to the wire — I had to “cap” (butter) the freshly made happy hour chicken liver mousse jars during service in order to have enough for happy hour and Late Night. It was a little stressful, but you do what you gotta do.

Lining the metal 200 with sliced bacon -- Chef said this was "beautiful"!

Lining the metal 200 with sliced bacon — Chef said this was “beautiful”!

Service was busy as expected, though I only did one charc board all night. I did get a lot of a la carte terrine orders though, and that kept me busy. We were all relieved when the clock struck 10pm and we could start breaking down to go home.

I forgot to mention but I thought this was pretty hilarious: on Friday morning, I got to the restaurant around the same time as Chef. My car is usually one of the first in the parking lot. As I headed upstairs to grab an apron from the office, I heard him remark, “You’ve lost weight since you started working with us, haven’t you?” “Yes, Chef – too busy to eat!” “And you’re on your feet all day,” he countered. “It’s a great diet,” I replied to which he chuckled.

Pork & bacon terrine - filled to the brim!

Pork & bacon terrine – filled to the brim!

Honey Bunny told me that he spoke with Front of House Co-Owner when he was dining with his friends the other night. It seems that my “promotion” from Pantry to Charcuterie was quite fast. Seeing as how it is also Chef’s pride and joy, it means a great deal that he would give me this opportunity so soon. No pressure, right?


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