The Learning Continues: Pate de Campagne

Pork & Bacon Terrine

Pork & Bacon Terrine

Friday night service was relentless — I had about 4 charc boards on the tickets but I guess there were a lot of VIP guests in the dining room today because Chef fired 3 more verbally. The end of the night bled seamlessly into Late Night so none of us really got the chance to break down our stations until an hour after service. At that point, I still had to “cap” my chicken liver mousse jars with butter. Just as I was putting everything away and putting together my order for the next day, I heard a surprise at the door. Honey Bunny and his two BFFs had dinner with us tonight and stopped by to say hello! They had ordered a charc board (I recognized their ticket at 9:30pm) and they were pleasantly surprised that I had made everything on the board. :)

I spent the day working on a big project — pork & bacon pate de campagne. It had been marinating since Wednesday so it was time to cook it off. I sliced a huge slab of applewood smoked bacon, using the slices to line a metal 200 pan. That part was super fun. Then I set up the meat grinder and processed all of the marinated goodness before paddling it together with panada (a binding agent) and diced bacon. It filled the entire 200 pan to the top before I folded over the sides. The finished project (pre-cooking) looked AWESOME. Chef even walked by and commented that it looked beautiful. He took a picture of it (something he doesn’t do too often) and shared it on his social media accounts. That’s his picture above. I then transferred the (very heavy) terrine to the oven. Three hours later, I moved my creation to the walk-in to cool and press overnight. I can’t wait to come back in and cut it open to see how it looks.

I also told Sous Chef S about the balsamic pears I wanted to do and he agreed it would be a good idea! I will have a few pounds of bartlett pears waiting for me when I come in today. Woooooo!

I’m so exhausted, but today (Saturday) is my Friday and then I get a weekend to recuperate. Till next time!


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