Week 11: My Station

The Orange-Apricot Marmalade I made yesterday

The Orange-Apricot Marmalade I made yesterday

I love having my own station. Except when I think I had my mise en place all prepared and ready for the days I’m away from the restaurant but it turned out that Saturday night service ate up a good amount of my products. Yup. That happened.

I feel like I’m always making chicken liver mousse. It’s one of the most popular items on our menu and one that we are renowned for, so I’m often running low or preparing in advance for the weekend rush. The recipe is also Chef’s pride and joy, so for his sake, anyone running the charcuterie station had better make sure that we have plenty and that the terrines, board jars, and happy hour jars are all made properly. I learned recently that Station-mate was not only struggling with the planning aspect of this station but that he had personally ruined a lot of product by either missing steps in recipes, inaccurately measuring ingredients, or simple lapses in judgment like getting water from the bain marie into the liver terrine. Poor guy. Luckily I have yet to make any such mistakes… I even prevented one today, having closely examined my batch of livers to find a stray gall bladder, the bile contents of which would have completely destroyed the recipe.

The Makings of Sweet Potato Jam

The Makings of Sweet Potato Jam

Today was a busy day of buttering two chicken liver mousse terrines from yesterday as well as making a chicken liver mousse terrine, board jars, sweet potato jam, walnut mustard, deviled egg filling, and harissa aioli. I was constantly running around doing something. Before I knew it, service had started and the waves of tickets were relentless. Apparently Saturday nights are the nights when people like to order charc boards! I had seven on order today. Ridiculous. I went through nearly two full loaves of the country bread we use for toast when just one loaf could last me about two nights of dinner service on the weekdays. After a marathon like tonight, I am exhausted!

Tonight was my Friday and I’m very much looking forward to a break. Catch y’all again on Tuesday!


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