Focus That Even an Earthquake Can’t Rattle

Friday night’s service was busy. How busy you ask? Well, this is what my board looked like at one point…

My Beautiful, Chaotic Station

My Beautiful, Chaotic Station

You can’t really read the tickets in this photo, but (going right to left) there were two charc boards, one charc board on the second course (but with such a light appetizer that I was told to fire it anyway), and three a la carte terrines plus one soigne (extra nice-looking VIP) terrine for a friend of Chef’s. With the help of whomever was passing by at the time (Meat Guy and Fish Guy each aided me at some point), I sent out the three boards in 18 minutes. INSANE.

We were all so busy, in fact, that none of us felt the earthquake that hit our city. Not a damn thing. We didn’t even hear about it until someone in the front of the house asked if we were okay. (It seems the guests in the dining room had felt it and the aftershocks.) Most of us laughed it off, though Fish Guy stepped outside to call and check in on his girlfriend. We thought that was adorable and teased him for it… until I turned my phone on at the end of the night and saw that Honey Bunny had checked in on me too. Sorryyyyyy Fish Guy!

More updates to come later tonight. Saturday is always a busy night!


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