Week 10: Five in a Row

Station-mate popped out the Chicken Liver Mousse Terrine that I made yesterday -- it looks BEAUTIFUL!

Station-mate popped out the Chicken Liver Mousse Terrine that I made yesterday — it looks BEAUTIFUL!

Working five days in a row at the restaurant (Tuesday through Saturday) is no joke. I’m exhausted but it’s the happy-tired that comes with devoting all of your energy to something that you’re passionate about and that feeling is priceless.

During prep, I was on Pantry with all three of the boys. There was a lot to do but we divvied it up and were finished relatively early. Early enough that Sous Chef J noticed and assigned us to make Family Meal. Eek — my first time!

I went into the walk-in and saw, of course, chicken. I thought I’d go the easy way with a simple chicken and vegetable stir-fry over rice. Until I walked into dry storage to gather my ingredients for my marinade… and discovered a severe lack of soy sauce. What?? Stir-fry with no soy sauce?? Time to think on my feet. Quick – what else could I do with the vegetables I had already cut, the chicken I had already diced, and the rice that was already cooking? And then I remembered — green curry paste. I took the green curry paste, Thai basil, and cream to make a Thai-style cream sauce. Success! Even Station Lead, who never ever eats family meal (even when he makes it) gobbled down a few bites stolen from Station-mate’s bowl. Yay!

Family Meal: Green Curry Stir-fry

Family Meal: Green Curry Stir-fry

Just before service, there was a fiasco with the drainage system in the kitchen. Chaos ensued. Station Lead (who was on the meat station) ran the pass while Chef, Sous Chef J, and Sous Chef S handled the situation. Station-mate rushed off to handle the pastry station while I did charcuterie and managed the three guys from afar. I was slammed with charcuterie boards and a la carte terrines simultaneously, and we all faced the wrath of a frustrated and angry Chef. But as Sous Chef J taught me, the only thing I need to do is buckle down, focus, and work as quickly as possible. There were then periods where literally no tickets came in for me, so I went to help Sous Chef J who was back on desserts. My ice cream scoops are getting better and more spherical!

Before I left Friday night, I was asked to pull the veal tongues from the freezer for our next special terrine. Today, Station-mate and Chef braised them, and man – they are so tender and delicious! Can’t wait to marinate this new terrine!

Braised Veal Tongues

Braised Veal Tongues

After work, Chef treated us all to a round of beers for Station-mate’s last day. I rushed home after to pick up Honey Bunny so we could catch the boba place before they closed.

Tomorrow (Sunday), Chef invited me to help him at an off-site event with other local chefs and restaurants. I’m excited for this opportunity though I’m a bit sad to be working on my day off (more importantly known as time spent with Honey Bunny). More news to come~

(PS: I updated the previous entry with photos. Posted it in a hurry the first time. Cheers!)

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