Flying Solo: My First Terrine

Weighing out my ingredients for chicken liver mousse

Weighing out my ingredients for chicken liver mousse

Lightning speed update before I run out to the restaurant. Friday is Station-mate’s day off so it was my first day flying solo on Charcuterie for prep (service I was not so nervous about). Since we had two porcelain terrine molds available, I decided to make a full recipe batch of the chicken liver mousse. It was nerve-wracking, especially working with the livers (regular chicken and foie gras) since they are very very perishable. (Treat it like you would seafood, they said to me.)

I found a stray chicken heart in my 5-pound bag of livers. Sous Chef S seemed impressed that I caught it. We made sure to pull it out — not sure how the tough fibers of the heart muscle would have impacted the Vitaprep blender!

After I got the terrines in the oven, I knocked out the smaller tasks I had on my list — hard-boiled eggs, deviled egg filling, harissa aioli, slicing a giant loaf of country bread for toast, and slicing some salumis for service (including using the big meat slicer for the first time!).

Service was intense, as it is most Fridays and Saturdays. I got hit with about six charc boards, and the deviled eggs were incredibly popular during happy hour. Unfortunately, Sous Chef S did step in to help once or twice when I was “in the weeds” so to speak.

I also got a blast from the past — one of the “kids” from my office came here for dinner! I finally found a lull right when they were leaving so I stepped out to say hi. He said the office is not the same without me but that I look very happy in my new home.

I’m on Pantry today leading my three boys (Sassy Stage, Musician Stage, and Fish Stage). I’ll have to come up with new names for them sometime…

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