The Learning Continues: Buttering Terrines

Buttering the Chicken Liver Mousse Terrine

Buttering the Chicken Liver Mousse Terrine

So like I mentioned yesterday, we all got a late start to our day today since we were a bit overstaffed for prep but the sous chefs could not pare down the crew and send anyone home since everyone would be needed for service later on. When I arrived at 12:45pm, it was just me and Chef, so I started a batch of chicken liver mousse jars while waiting for Station-mate to arrive.

Today’s new lesson was buttering the chicken liver mousse terrine. The mousse oxidizes when exposed to the air, so we coat it in a fine layer of butter to protect the terrine. This is a notoriously difficult task on this station because it’s easy to spend too much time trying to perfect the edges and end up ruining it instead. It’s like frosting a cake — best to start with more than you’d need and scrape off the extra, because if you don’t have enough, it may tear (or in this case, smear). You also want to work quickly because the butter will set… and because you have to do this in the walk-in and it is freaking cold in there!

My Smoked Salmon Terrine

My Smoked Salmon Terrine

We also cut open my salmon terrine from yesterday. It looks BEAUTIFUL and super solid. That’s the most important part — I’ve seen many salmon terrines start to crumble and fall apart as they are sliced. Sous Chef J squeezed the sides and seemed surprised to see how solid it was. I showed it to Chef who simply replied “Very nice.” (The best I’ll get out of him probably. haha)

Another View of My Smoked Salmon Terrine

Another View of My Smoked Salmon Terrine

During service, Sous Chef S was supposed to be on Hot-Apps but instead, he had Pizza Guy J take over and Station-mate went to pizza instead (pizza was his very first cooking gig after being a dishwasher here). So I was flying solo on Charcuterie, and I had two charc boards today! They both came out nicely and in a decent amount of time (although admittedly longer than the 7 minutes that Chef had decreed yesterday).

Tomorrow is Station-mate’s day off so I will be flying solo on Charcuterie. I know I have to make two chicken liver mousse terrines (a full recipe), and other smaller tasks like deviled eggs, harissa aioli, and slicing bread and salumis. Can’t wait for the challenge.

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