The Learning Continues: Smoked Salmon Terrine

Smoked Salmon Terrine with yukon gold potatoes and anchovy butter

Smoked Salmon Terrine with yukon gold potatoes and anchovy butter

Day 2 of Station-mate training me on the ins and outs of the Charcuterie station. Today we were to make and press a smoked salmon terrine — layers of sous vide cooked potatoes (which we had done yesterday during the slow service), slices of filleted smoked salmon, and a generous brushing of anchovy butter. Pictured above is the one that Meat Guy made a few days ago which we just cut into. I can’t wait to see how mine turns out tomorrow!

We also made the chicken liver and foie gras mousse for the Charcuterie Boards. It was my first chance to play around with the delectable, high quality Hudson Valley product. Weighed carefully, sealed in a vacuum bag, brought to temperature, and blitzed in the Vitaprep… I am so excited for this station to really be my own. (Rumor has it that we are making mortadella next week too!)

Oh – I forgot to mention it but yesterday Station-mate and I made walnut mustard. I have a slight walnut allergy, but I tried a bit of it anyway so I would know what it tastes like. As I tried to discreetly spit it out into a napkin, Station-mate came to the realization that I can’t eat walnuts. The news spread among the kitchen and it became known as the day that Station-mate “tried to kill [Matcha Bunny].” Chef reassured me that there are plenty of people in the kitchen who could help me taste the mustard in the future. Station-mate saw it as dedication.

Service started out slow, so Chef sent most of the guys off to clean the kitchen while the rest of us caught up on prep. I made my first batch of drippings using gelatinized veal stock and rendered beef fat; we place these on the charcuterie boards. But then the tickets came in bursts — before I knew it, my station and Pantry had a board full of tickets, so Station-mate hopped over to help them shuck oysters. I laid out my six large slates for terrines and one small slate for deviled eggs and got to work. Station-mate called over, “You doing okay?” I looked down at my setup, kept my cool, and replied “Yeah – I think so.” It was a mad push but we got all of the tickets out in a timely manner.

Speaking of timely, when we got our first ticket with a charcuterie board, Chef looked over at me and told me he was setting a timer for 7 minutes. Ready, set, go. The toast went in the pizza oven and Station-mate helped me grab the fried egg that New Fish Guy had put up for me. With 40 seconds to spare, I walked up my board and Chef said it looked beautiful. I was pretty proud of myself.

I had Late Night tonight, and it was surprisingly busy for a Wednesday. Apparently, every Wednesday night there’s a rock climbing group that comes in around 11:30pm so we waited for them before breaking down and going home. Meanwhile, New Fish Guy casually mentioned that he had been wanting to sample some of our new ice cream flavors. Like an orchestrated scene in a sitcom, he reached for a spoon, Station-mate grabbed a spoon, I snagged the last one, and the three of us bolted to the small freezer on the Pastry station. Mango sorbet… yum!

Ice Cream Time!

Ice Cream Time!

Sous Chef S decided that since we are a bit overstaffed tomorrow (Thursday), we all get to come in later (1pm instead of 11am). Yay! Looking forward to the extra rest.


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