Week 9: The Moment I’d Been Waiting For

Mutant Micro Cilantro that's both red tinted and not-so-micro

Mutant Micro Cilantro that’s both red tinted and not-so-micro

Today was a hectic day. Well-caffeinated and pushing full-speed ahead, I was working nonstop from the moment I set foot over the threshold through the back entrance to the kitchen. Meat Guy was the sous assigned to work with us today and for the first time since months ago when Station Lead, Station-mate, Dishwasher Turned Pantry and I were last teamed up together, there were four people on Pantry (both Musician Stage and Sassy Stage). Good thing too, as the prep list was extensive and service was consistently busy. Meat Guy volunteered to float among the Cold Line stations and Pastry, so I kept track of the board and the party that everyone else seemed to have forgotten about… this included shucking two dozen oysters so they would be ready to go!

There was a very brief window at the beginning of service when the tickets slowed down. I took this opportunity to visit Sous Chef J who was floating on the Hot Apps station. He showed me how to plate the fried octopus dish and the gnocchi, so I was happy to learn. He also said that I should definitely check the schedule when it is posted later that evening as there would be a “surprise” for me. I knew he was referring to my move to Charcuterie and I mentioned that no one had officially confirmed it. He smiled and replied that I have a *friend* with insider information. Jajaja. I thanked him again for considering me as I am sure he played a big role in having Chef choose me for Charcuterie, and his reply was simply “Just don’t fuck it up.”

So, my whole body and especially my feet aching after my first full week (technically week and a half if you count from last Thursday), I stumbled over to the wall where the new schedule was posted. “[Matcha Bunny]: Charcuterie” it read for Tuesday through Friday this coming week. Saturday I am assigned to Pantry again, but I noticed one very important detail – that day will be just me and three kids (Musician Stage, Sassy Stage, and Fish Stage). No sous. Meaning, I really have moved up to the point where I will get my own station (and not an easy one!) as well as lead my old station in place of a sous chef. How cool is that?

The New Schedule -- I'm On Charcuterie!

The New Schedule — I’m On Charcuterie!

Also, the guys debate over whether name ordering on the schedule makes any difference but I can’t help but notice my name has been moved to the top of the Cold Line section. (It’s organized with Chef and his sous first, then Hot Line, Cold Line, Prep Cook, Dishwashers.)

So. Freaking. Excited.


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