As The Rush Comes

Salmon Poke - salmon, Kewpie mayo dressing, gooseberry salsa, micro cilantro, chive blossoms

Salmon Poke – salmon, Kewpie mayo dressing, gooseberry salsa, micro cilantro, chive blossoms

The music during prep today was interrupted by a film crew that took over our bar area for a how-to video starring our bartender and featuring our house cocktails. We all found it a minor annoyance, but then FOH Co-Owner came up to me and Sous Chef J and asked if we would be able to plate up one of our appetizers to be in the shot. We decided to do the salmon poke dish, which I got to plate. It’s a mini-milestone that I only recently achieved — the privilege of plating dishes for VIP tickets and for special circumstances like these.

Chef was also inspired to change up the plating, utilizing the really cool slates that we had been using on Charcuterie. I think it looks amazing and I am so happy to be working in a kitchen where presentation is nearly as important as flavor. It speaks to my experiences as a food blogger; you really do eat with your eyes first.

Service tonight was INTENSE. With 150 on the books (literally 10x that of the day before), we were all swamped. The ticket printer was relentless and the orders just kept coming. But at the end of the night, Chef patted us all on the back and said he was proud of us. He then said a little extra something to each of us, and he looked me in the eye and said that despite the crazy influx of tickets, every single dish that I sent out looked stunning and met the high standards that he sets for us. It means a whole lot to get a compliment like that from Chef.

Salmon Poke (view from above)

Salmon Poke (view from above)

The flow of orders did not end at 10pm, and Late Night was as busy as ever, kicking off with a 10-top. Fish Guy, Station-mate and I scrambled to put together the dishes which included four orders of fish & chips. FOUR! Fish Guy’s girlfriend was visiting the restaurant so he went out to the dining room to hang out with her while I helped Station-mate finish packing up his batch of sweet potato jam. He asked me for a ride to his friend’s house and I obliged… though it turned out to be a half-hour grand tour of the neighborhood two blocks from my home. (His friends were high as a kite and could not give coherent driving directions to save their lives.) On the bright side, it gave us the opportunity to talk one-on-one, especially with this new transition of him moving on to Chef’s other restaurant. He would have the opportunity to work on the Hot Line there, and it was really important to Chef that Station-mate “stay in the family,” so to speak. He seems to be welcoming the new opportunity, which makes me feel a bit less guilty about the prospect of taking over his station.

One more day until my “weekend.” Prep is going to be insane tomorrow — we used up so much of our mise in today’s battle.

Oh and Happy Pi (3.14) Day!


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