Week 8: So It Begins

(Peeling? Shucking?) Fresh Gooseberries!

(Peeling? Shucking?) Fresh Gooseberries!

Saturday was a good day. Meat Guy, recently appointed as a sous chef, was assigned to help us on Garde Manger, and between him, Musician Stage, and me, we made a great team. We knocked out our entire prep list early (despite having quite a bit to do) and were set up and ready to go by 4:30pm with time to spare to help out the other stations. It was weird seeing Station Lead working the meat station and not with us, but it was also a refreshing change of pace.

Service went smoothly as well. No parties today, but we had a consistent flow large tables – 4-tops, 6-tops, even a 12-top. There were times when our board filled completely, but it was no problem for us! Taking a lesson from the zen-like Sous Chef J, I made a conscious effort to not get frazzled and just keep working. I kept track of our board, delegating the dishes and though each of us ended up plating at least two or three dishes at a time, we were able to keep control of the situation. With Meat Guy’s speedy assistance, we broke down our station in record time. I stuck around to help Pastry Girl a bit and to hang out. Station-mate had a hankering to listen to the song Tokyo Drift from the movie of the same name, so while the guys had an end-of-the-night celebratory cigarette break, he and I were singing “FAST AND FURIOUSSSSS… drift drift drift.” hahaha

Just before I left, Pastry Girl and Meat Guy teased, “Going to get boba?” They all know about my and Honey Bunny’s Saturday night tradition. Although we also went out for a drink and a bite to eat at our local late-night Brazilian place, where our waiter recognized us. What can I say, we’re creatures of habit.

But anyway, the new schedule was posted today. This coming week, I will work Monday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Only 4 days for now, as they rearrange the schedule to build the best team for each day’s needs (“best” in terms of strength and skill level, while also keeping labor costs low). So my full-time schedule at the restaurant begins with two days off in a row… the first in a very long time (other this and President’s Day, I will have been working 6 day weeks since August!). No regrets.

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