Hungry Like The Wolf

In case you were curious, this is what our Pea Salad looks like without peas. That's right. We had another "Pea Salad // NO PEAS" ticket today. If you make a ridiculous modification, the kitchen WILL laugh at your expense.

In case you were curious, this is what our Pea Salad looks like without peas. It’s really just frisee and confit tomatoes. That’s right. We had another “Pea Salad // NO PEAS” ticket today. Note: if you make a ridiculous menu modification, those of us in the kitchen WILL laugh at your expense.

Imagine being trapped for twelve hours a day in an environment where tensions are high, the danger of cuts and burns is ubiquitous, and the heat is sweltering… with fifteen other people whose personalities run the gamut from amicable to egotistical. Now imagine them all simultaneously dropping whatever they were doing and, in unison, singing along to the “doo doo doo doo, doo doo doo, doo doo doo, doo doo” part when Duran Duran’s Hungry Like The Wolf came on the Spotify playlist. That, my friends, was us today just before service. And it was a beautiful moment.

There was a lot to do today, and it was compounded by the fact that I had Sassy Stage on my station. He spent the better part of the day cleaning a few bushels of oysters while Sous Chef J and I knocked out the rest of the prep list. I had a bit of a pat-on-the-back moment today when Fish Stage (who was staging on Hot-Apps today but I will keep his name for consistency’s sake) watched me poach eggs and marveled at my technique for doing them ten at a time. I can’t take all the credit though — Fish Guy taught me this trick, which involves cracking all of your eggs into pint cups, one per cup, so that you can drop up to 10 at a time if using a very tall pot of water. It allows me to complete a task that would have otherwise taken 20 minutes or more, in only 10 minutes. Efficiency is key, especially on a day like today when I really had to work my butt off.

We had two large parties during service today. In the kitchen, parties are pretty stressful, especially since the show must go on (i.e.: the tickets will keep coming even if you have to drop everything and work on the party’s plates). But I think the best part is seeing our plates sprawled out across the entire Cold Line when it came time to plate 17 salads simultaneously for the 30-top. I love it. I kept track of the board and handled the non-party tickets. Meat Guy gave me a proverbial gold star for remembering the three salads that had modifications and what those changes were. Apparently he had asked Sassy Stage, since I was busy plating completely different dishes, but he had no answer.

Service went off without a hitch and we transitioned seamlessly into Late Night. While Sassy Stage broke down and scrubbed our station, I went to help Pastry Girl with the desserts. Late Night was surprisingly busy tonight… I guess our bar patrons were especially in the mood to nosh. I did four charcuterie plates, some oysters, and three salads while Fish Guy worked the Hot Line and put out some orders of fish & chips and gnocchi. We were able to turn the music back on, so Pizza Guy and Dishwasher were dancing merengue style to a song so iconic that even I recognized it — Suavemente. Good times.

At the end of the night, I asked Pizza Guy for a favor. He helped me make a special pizza for me to bring home to surprise Honey Bunny. Isn’t it cute?

Surprise Heart-Shaped Pizza for Honey Bunny

Surprise Heart-Shaped Pizza for Honey Bunny


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