Week 7: The Mandoline Strikes Again

Happy Hour: Deviled Eggs

Happy Hour: Deviled Eggs

I cut my finger but good today: sliced my fingertip open while cleaning my Kyocera ceramic mandoline (my towel slipped). The injury itself just felt like a really, really big paper cut, but the aftermath was exponentially worse. It didn’t kick in until a few hours later (well into the dinner rush) but because of the nerve damage, I had periodic bouts of throbbing, electrifying pain shooting from my fingertip all the way up my forearm. On the bright side, my feet don’t hurt tonight (or, as Honey Bunny was quick to correct me, my brain is unable to perceive it because the pain from the injury overrides it).

Luckily I had made it through most of prep before it happened. I ran upstairs to the first aid kit (filing cabinet drawer) to handle it. I bumped into Front Of House Co-Owner who took it upon himself to patch me up. It was nice of him to help me; had it been one of the other guys, he probably would have just lectured that they should be more careful. But after I finally got the bleeding to slow, he cut a piece of gauze, wrapped it around the still-bleeding cut, and sealed it with band-aids as makeshift tape. I was surprised (and grateful).

Service kept me busy so I was able to push through most of the evening. It was mind over matter; as long as I wasn’t thinking about my one gloved finger, it didn’t bother me. Plus, I was back among the guys, and showing pain was showing weakness. But around 8pm, I started feeling a bit light-headed from the intense tingling. By 9pm I almost felt like passing out but I drank some water which helped me make it through to the end. It was a really busy service despite the rain, so after an exhausting night, I’m thankful for a day off to recuperate…and heal.

Oh — fun fact: the new weekly schedule is posted each Saturday night. So tonight, in the middle of service, Chef headed upstairs to the computer to draft up the schedule for this coming week. But he stopped right at the foot of the staircase, turned to me, and pointing at me from across the room, exclaimed excitedly, “Young lady! You start full time with us soon, right?!” I explained that my last day in the office would be this week and that this coming week will be the same ol’ arrangement, for now. I was happy to see that he is still so enthusiastic about having me on his brigade. Another successful week! (I wish my finger could say the same.)


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