Week 6: Filling In

Sesame Crackers

Sesame Crackers

Station Lead was back in the kitchen today, and Chef put him on garde manger with me and Musician Stage. I was a little bit disappointed because I prefer working with the sous chefs, but you can’t deny that he works at breakneck speeds during prep. We were finished with our fairly extensive list by 4pm, with the last task being these sesame crackers made from pizza dough rolled out on a pasta roller. (The guys on Hot Apps use the Kitchenaid attachment, but we also have this hand-crank Marcato model that’s coincidentally the exact same as the one Honey Bunny and I have at home.)

Rolling out pizza dough for the crackers

Rolling out pizza dough for the crackers

Service flew by in the blink of an eye today. We ended up doing about 350 covers, and though our station was able to keep up, some of the others were not so lucky. Hot Apps, in particular, went down hard. We were a bit shorthanded for a Saturday and Sous Chef S was floating for most of the night. He made his way back to Charcuterie just in time for an order for a King platter, immediately followed by a Prince. It’s a lot of work, so I jumped over to help — he sliced the terrines while I garnished them with their corresponding marmalade, mustard, jam… good thing I’d been paying attention to the rest of the cold line’s dishes! Just as I was placing a sprig of chervil on one of the terrines, another ticket came in. A second King. Sous Chef S laughed at the ridiculous influx of charcuterie orders and we moved quicker to push the first two platters out. That was a fun way to end the night, and it felt nice to have reached a point where I am familiar enough with the other stations on the Cold Line that I can step in to help and actually be useful.

I am definitely relieved to finally have a day off. It’s a difficult life – being in the kitchen – and it’s only going to get harder, physically and mentally. But I’m loving it and I am so looking forward to doing this full time. Just two more weeks of this weird half & half schedule… March 5th is my official last day in the office!


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