Week 6: Valentine’s Weekend

The festive chalkboard at the restaurant

The festive chalkboard at the restaurant

Another quick update (in an effort to spend less time in front of the computer and more time living and enjoying life). On the bright side, lots of photos :)

Friday, Valentine’s Day, was INTENSE. Everyone and their significant others decided to dine out for the occasion. The restaurant offered a three course prix fixe menu. Our station had four of the five appetizer options, so that was rough. We went straight from prep to service without any family meal. At first, service wasn’t so bad; after all, despite having over 300 on the books, the overwhelming majority were two-tops — couples going out on an intimate date. Additionally, Station Lead was (apparently) released from jail and rejoined the team. But then a party arrived and I ended up taking over the pizza station’s work area to build seven truffle caesar salads. It was chaos. Eventually, it got to a point where we stopped looking at tickets and just started making things as Chef called out for them.

Ahi Tuna Carpaccio

Ahi Tuna Carpaccio


My favorite dish was the ahi tuna carpaccio. It tastes delicious and it looks beautiful. Chef asked me what I thought of the dish and I told him I love it. Turns out that he and the guests did as well because we’ve added it to the regular dinner menu. Yay! Ahi tuna tartare/mince, ahi tuna slices, pickled Persian cucumbers, avocado mousse, bits of blood oranges, icicle radishes, and micro cilantro, dressed with a bergamot orange and castelvetrano olive vinaigrette. Complex but amazing… like so many of our other dishes.

Icicle Radishes (they curl up when shocked in ice water - super cool!)

Icicle Radishes (they curl up when shocked in ice water – super cool!)

Tonight’s service wasn’t much better. Apparently the Saturday after Valentine’s Day is also a popular night for going out. On the bright side, prep went much smoother today and we had time for arguably the best family meal ever. We had a good amount of leftover 36 ounce steaks (the rib eye for two) from Valentine’s Day, so we seared it all up for us to enjoy for dinner along with some roasted vegetables. Yum!!! Also, since both nights were so ridiculously chaotic, Chef treated all of us to a round of beers at the end of each night. Much needed and very much appreciated. Happy fucking Valentine’s Day, said Chef, exhausted.



The best part though, was finishing up my Late Night shift on Friday night and coming home to Honey Bunny. I was feeling dog-tired after a 14-hour day and ready to just go inside and plop down on the couch. But just as I was about to turn the key, I noticed a post-it that read “Knock First!” I obliged and heard Honey Bunny’s voice beckoning me inside. I was greeted by La Vie En Rose playing on his phone, and he was sitting at the dining table all set up with roses, candles, a bottle of bubbly, and smoked salmon crostinis. SO ROMANTIC!

Valentine's Day Surprise!

Valentine’s Day Surprise!

The guys asked me about my Valentine’s Day at work today and they all gave Honey Bunny mad props for planning around my crazy schedule. It’s not easy being the significant other of someone living Kitchen Life, but I really, really appreciated the surprise, even though it was already 12:30am when I finally got home. And now that I finally pushed through three and a half days of work at the restaurant, I can’t wait to spend a real two-day weekend of quality time with Honey Bunny. :) Till next time!

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