Rough Day

Shallots. Lots and lots of shallots.

Shallots. Lots and lots of shallots.

Just a quick entry before I head to the restaurant. Yesterday (Thursday) was a rough day for me in terms of prep. We had to make 4 of out our 5 dressings and a work-intensive sauce, so I stood at my cutting board cutting brunoise (micro-dice) shallots, ginger, and fresno chilies for literally two hours. It was tedious and frustrating – I was taken back to my petite herb salad days when I knew I should be able to do things faster but can’t seem to make it happen. Sigh.

The good thing is that prep turns into service and service is always my favorite part of a day in the restaurant. The tickets came in waves. Fill up the board, then nothing for 20 minutes. We sent Musician Stage to go clean oysters; we just had five bushels delivered in preparation for the Valentine’s Day prix fixe menu. I worked the rest of service mostly on my own, with Sous Chef J stepping in periodically to help me with a salad or oyster shucking.

The highlight of service? A ticket came in with the most unusual modification I’d ever seen. Even more so than the one for the customer with no gall bladder. “Pea Salad // NO PEAS”


I stepped to my left so I could peek around the corner to where Chef was standing at the pass. “Pea salad, no peas, Chef?” He replied, “Yeah………. just give them everything else….”

I thought it was ridiculous and hilarious. Turns out he did too, as he posted a picture of that ticket on Facebook with the caption: “And customers wonder why chefs are going with the NO substitution policies!!!” hahaha

Anyway, Happy Valentine’s Day! I’ll be serving up pea salad (hopefully with peas), truffled caesar salad, ahi tuna carpaccio, and oysters au naturel on our prix fixe menu. Hopefully people will go home early for other romantic plans and we can close Late Night early, letting ME go home early to spend time with Honey Bunny :)


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