Total Eclipse of the Pressure Cooker

My batch of avocado mousse - it garnered a lot of compliments!

My batch of avocado mousse – it garnered a lot of compliments!

A pressure cooker exploded today. It almost gave me a heart attack.

Backing up just a bit — our seafood purveyor was late with our delivery today. And I mean really late, like 45 minutes before service late. So Fish Guy had no choice but to par-cook his octopus in a pressure cooker to get it done in such a short amount of time. Cue the Octobomb.

I had been challenging my knife skills with brunoise cucumber for the oyster mignonette when I heard this loud sudden explosion coming from the back room. There was a hissing sound, a metallic crash as the pressure cooker managed to plunge itself into the ground from the stove where it had been simmering. I could hear Chef shouting as panic ensued. Just as I had turned around, I felt something hot land on my cheek. I think it was just some hot water, but man… the entire kitchen was COVERED floor to ceiling in octopus particles and the fishy cooking liquid. As New Hot-Apps Guy’s Brother put it, it smelled like a baitshop. Chef called out “All hands on deck!” and we dropped what we were doing to help scrub seafood tentacles off the ceiling.

In other eventful news, Station-mate seriously injured himself today with a peeler. Mine, coincidentally. We were in a rush to get a ticket done, and he was using the peeler to shave parmesan slices off a block held in his hand. He ended up running the peeler right through his fingertip and slicing his fingernail almost completely clean off. Ack. It makes me cringe just recalling that memory. I made him go take care of it and we were a man down for a while as the tickets piled up. Fortunately, he was fine after he finally stopped the blood flow, and it happened toward the end of the night so he was not incapacitated for too long. Poor guy. I hope he takes care of it tomorrow on his day off.

Anywho, those are the critical updates for tonight… other than the mention that Station-mate and I were singing Total Eclipse of the Heart at least a handful of times today to pass the time while we prepped. Hence the post title. Good times :)

Back again tomorrow. Final day of Restaurant Week. So excited.

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