Rocketman (and Woman)

And I think it’s gonna be a long, long time ‘til touch down brings me round again to find
I’m not the man they think I am at home
Oh no, no, no, I’m a rocket man….

The Ticket-Stabber

The Ticket-Stabber

Prep today felt more comfortable as Station Lead had called in sick and Station-mate and I were left to our own devices. We work really well together as a team, so we knocked out the prep list with no major issues (other than finishing up some prep at the start of service). As we were working, Chef belted out Rocketman in his best Elton John impression. It was awesome.

A few quick updates for tonight (so I can get to bed and rest up for tomorrow):

1) We had a new stage join us today. He arrived at 11 all decked out in a chef’s coat with his culinary school’s name embroidered on it. He told me that Chef instructed him to find Fish Guy and when I told Fish Guy he had a stage today, his immediate reply was “I don’t need no stage!” He didn’t stay long anyway. Around 12:30, he said he had to go. Apparently, he thought he would be observing rather than participating and he also “didn’t think he would have to stay this long.” The guys all laughed… really hard. It turns out that this happens frequently with stages, which may also explain the slight distrust when I first joined the kitchen. They also patted me on the back for sticking it out and now becoming “one of the guys.”

2) Surprise health inspector visits send everyone into a frenzy. Today was the very first I’d experienced, and it was a madhouse as people rushed around, making sure all of our setup was up to code and that we had no violations. The visit itself seemed pretty smooth (we got a great score) but it definitely disrupted service as I felt too nervous to make anything for fear of messing up. The tickets piled on…

3) Speaking of tickets, I got to run the board today in Station Lead’s absence. I was put in charge of making sure Station-mate (and Charcuterie Guy, who would occasionally jump on to help) were working the correct tickets and had the proper number of dishes “all day.” It was a rush. Today was not particularly busy but the inspection threw us off and Station-mate wasn’t feeling too well… still, we overcame those obstacles and finished service on a strong note.

I checked the schedule and it turns out I have “late night” tomorrow. That means I (and another person) work an extra hour or two when the restaurant is still open and has a limited menu. Station-mate came over today and whispered, “Did you know you have Late Night tomorrow? You just started working here! That’s messed up!” Hahaha. That’s okay though; I’m welcoming every opportunity that comes my way to show what I’m capable of. As one of my friends pointed out, I’m well-suited to Kitchen Life because I love to face challenges (and find it all the more satisfying to overcome them).

Another day at the restaurant tomorrow. Adieu~!


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